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Orthopaedic Trauma

By 7 March 2018March 18th, 2024No Comments

Yes, a fracture is the same thing as a broken bone, however, each and every fracture is as unique as the patient who sustains it. While many of the fractures and other injuries sustained by younger patients are managed as sports injuries, traumatic injuries in the very young and the very old require specific experience and attention to detail. Orthopaedic trauma therefore requires skills of its own.

Fractures through weak bones in elderly patients, which often render them immobile and at high risk of medical problems such as chest infections, deep-vein thrombosis, urinary tract infections and pressure sores, all of which are highly likely to have negative medical knock-on effects, often require urgent surgical intervention. With modern techniques such as minimally invasive surgery, locked plating and advances in joint replacement surgery, orthopaedic treatment of these injuries should enable these patients to begin mobilising within the shortest time possible. In this specific patient population, specialist medical management of their baseline condition as well as the acute complications is essential. Treatment with bisphosphonate medications, which is all too often only instituted after a fracture such as this, may protect these patients from any future injuries.

Children’s injuries are often difficult to treat correctly, based on the fact that kids don’t like being examined at the best of times, tend not to still for pictures, never mind x-rays when the arm hurts and, most importantly that they sustain various conditions as well as complications which are unique to this age group and have potentially life-threatening consequences if they are not prevented -or treated if they do occur. More than any other group of patients, kids require frequent monitoring and follow-up with attention to all details. We offer, above all else, a caring, nonthreatening environment to your children so that their injuries may be managed without undue stress to themselves or you. Rest assured that any decisions regarding the orthopaedic treatment of your child’s injury would be discussed with you in detail and you will have the last say in the matter.

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