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Hand and Wrist Injury

Hand and wrist injuries, including fractures and dislocations, pose significant risks if left untreated or improperly managed. These injuries can have long-lasting consequences on hand function and mobility if not addressed promptly and accurately. While fractures and dislocations are easily identified through X-rays, ligament injuries and dislocations often remain undetected, despite their severity.

Contrary to popular belief, surgery is not always necessary for hand and wrist injuries. In many cases, conservative treatment methods yield better outcomes, emphasizing the importance of accurate diagnosis and appropriate management strategies. Hand and wrist injury rehabilitation is a specialized and intensive process that requires the expertise of a combined hand unit, such as the Constantia Hand Clinic.

At the Constantia Hand Clinic, patients receive comprehensive and personalized care from a team of dedicated specialists, including Dr. Engela and Dr. Martin. Their expertise in hand and wrist injuries allows them to assess each case thoroughly and recommend the most suitable treatment options. Patients can schedule appointments directly without the need for a referral, ensuring timely access to expert care.

Overall, early intervention and proper rehabilitation are essential for achieving optimal outcomes in hand and wrist injuries. By seeking timely evaluation and treatment from experienced specialists like Dr. Engela and Dr. Martin, patients can minimize the impact of their injuries and regain functionality and mobility in their hands.


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