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Welcome to Cape Joint Surgery, your trusted destination for comprehensive orthopaedic solutions in the heart of Cape Town. Our team of dedicated specialists takes immense pride in crafting individualized and bespoke treatment plans tailored to address the unique orthopaedic challenges of each patient. At the forefront of our practice are esteemed surgeons, Dr. Deon Engela and Dr. Nick Martin, both renowned for their expertise and commitment to delivering the highest standard of care.

Recognizing that no two patients’ needs are alike, our approach revolves around a deep understanding of each individual’s orthopaedic concerns. Dr. Engela and Dr. Martin bring a wealth of experience to the table, specializing in a spectrum of orthopaedic services. From cutting-edge arthritis treatments to precision hip and knee replacements, our team is dedicated to restoring mobility and enhancing the quality of life for our patients. We excel in ligament reconstruction, ensuring stability and function, while also offering expert hand surgery to address intricate conditions. Additionally, our proficiency extends to the realm of sports injuries, where we strive to facilitate optimal recovery and performance for athletes of all levels. Both Dr Engela and Dr Martin are working at the forefront of robotic hip and knee replacement surgery, having attended instructional courses and surgical workshops in Europe.

We consult in Constantia, Simon’s Town and Rondebosch. We’re now performing joint replacements at Constantiaberg Mediclinic and Kingsbury Hospital, expanding our medical aid coverage. Surgery is also available at Harbour Bay Hospital.

Committed to providing top-notch orthopaedic care, Cape Joint Surgery stands as a beacon of excellence in Cape Town. Our patient-centric philosophy, coupled with the expertise of Dr. Engela and Dr. Martin, ensures that you receive the personalized attention and tailored solutions you deserve. Welcome to Cape Joint Surgery, where orthopaedic excellence meets compassionate care.

Specialist Fields

Arthritis Treatment

Our approach to arthritis treatment is personalized, with 77% of patients opting for non-surgical methods. We actively promote alternative therapies to ensure our patients enjoy pain-free activity throughout their lives, prioritizing their long-term well-being and mobility.

Hip, Knee Replacements

When non-surgical treatment of arthritis becomes ineffective, joint replacement surgery offers a solution. These procedures boast a 95% success rate, effectively addressing pain, stiffness, and restoring immediate mobility and function.

Ligament Reconstruction

Keyhole knee surgery becomes necessary in cases of meniscus or ligament tears. Menisci are repairable and ligaments can be reconstructed if needed. Dynamic rehabilitation teams are essential for optimal recovery from sports injuries, preventing rapid arthritis onset and ensuring functional outcomes.

Hand Surgery

Hand problems can have disasterous consequences if not treated early and correctly. Functional loss, stiffness, pain are all complications that can be avoided with expert treatment. The practice offers a wealth of experience, as well as a dynamic rehabilitation team from the Cape Joint Surgery Hand Clinic.









Meet Our Team

We are dedicated to helping you improve your life.

Dr Deon Engela

Dr Deon Engela

Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon

Deon has a wealth of experience that he derived from years of international surgical and scientific collaboration. He founded the Constantiaberg Hand Clinic, the Joint Care Trust and the Cape Joint Surgery with a view of providing excellent care to all patients. Recently, Dr Engela has specialised in robotic assisted joint replacement surgery and robotic cases are now regularly done at Constantiaberg Mediclinic with excellent results.

Dr Nick Martin

Dr Nick Martin

Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon

Nick joined Deon in practice in 2008. He is a fellowship-trained hip and knee reconstruction and arthroplasty specialist. He shares the practice philosophy of excellence in patient care and proactive corporate social responsibility through the Joint Care Trust. Recently, Dr Martin has specialised in robotic assisted joint replacement surgery and robotic cases are now regularly done at Constantiaberg Mediclinic with excellent results.

Theresa Collette Angelique Our Team

Theresa, Collette, Angelique

Practice Managers

Theresa, Collette, and Angelique form the cornerstone of Cape Joint Surgery, embodying its essence with their dedication and expertise. They warmly greet enquiries and consistently exceed expectations for every patient. Their adept handling of unforeseen challenges ensures a smooth and positive patient experience, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care at every turn.

Sister Grace

Sister Grace

Joint Replacement Co-ordinator

Grace oversees our patients' surgical journeys, addressing any issues that may divert attention from their primary focus: recovery. She prioritizes patient needs, making herself readily available and handling all matters, regardless of size, with care and efficiency. No concern is insignificant, reflecting her unwavering commitment to ensuring each patient's well-being throughout their recovery process.

What Our Patients Say

With a remarkable satisfaction index, we take pride in our excellent outcomes – and our patients agree.

I want to formally thank you for the amazing job you did with Jonah's finger and the absolutely fantastic service provided by yourself and your staff. It is much appreciated.

Andrea M

Thanks for putting me back together again. Argus Cycle race done in 5h35 with titanium parts and all.

M Bayman

I was playing bass guitar exactly 6 weeks after breaking my arm at the wrist in 6 places. Fantastic!


Guess what I did yesterday? After 9 months and 10 days since my cycling accident, I finally got to ride my new motorbike. It's just such an awesome ride. This is hopefully the very first of many baby steps back into mountain biking. Although I only rode 5km, it felt so special.

Mark B

Since the operation, I have turned 80 and the pain associated with the hip has gone. I have become aware of all the other aches and pains, but have been able to hikes of 12km and 200m elevations. I am aware that I have been incredibly lucky to have 2 knee and 1 hip replaced, and still be as active as I am.

John M

I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful work you've done. I have been able to walk my dog for 30 minutes, without crutches and pain, just 4 weeks after surgery. I have since played 1 hour of tennis and danced for 1.5 hours and felt fabulous. I'm still very grateful for the work you have done.

Eva S

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the kind manner in which you treated both Andy and myself after his fall and surgery. Thank you for the way in which you and your staff handled the account; it has helped me financially. My grateful thanks fore everything.

Hilda B

We just want to thank you again for making yourself available on a Sunday night and for your fabulous expertise. We felt very safe in your hands and Gina thinks you are a "cool" doctor. Gracious thanks again.

Cliff, Karen and Gina

It's been a year since my accident and nearly a year since you operated on my ankle. I just wanted to thank you for such a great job. I have run a 10km race and will be cycling the Argus. Thanks for your work. I am very grateful.

Steve R

I just want to tell you how happy I am with my prognosis. I feel very comfortable that the long-term prospects are 1000% better than when we met 80 days ago. You can be proud of the work you have done and continue doing. You have a special gift and talent. Thank you for saving my leg. I am eternally grateful.

Leonard C

Thank you so much for the care and attention you showed me during my recent knee surgery, and especially the post-operative care. I would recommend your practice to anyone.

J Gale

What a pleasure to be able to swim for 3 hours without a numb hand. Thank you.

Tony S

Why Choose Us?

Patients Primus

At Cape Joint Surgery, we undertake to recognise each patient’s individual needs and to plan treatment accordingly.

Experienced Specialists

Dr Engela and Dr Martin are both fellowship-trained specialist hip and knee surgeons and joint reconstruction specialists. They have over 50 years surgical experience between them and the practice has an excellent track record for both non-surgical and surgical treatment.

Meticulous Treatment Planning

Regular case discussions and radiology meetings ensure that surgery is only considered when appropriate conservative treatment has proved unsuccessful and that such surgery is exactingly planned.

Individualised Patient Care

Every patient is unique, as is their specific problem. Everyone responds differently to conservative treatment. We avoid surgery when possible and support the patient's right to control their treatment.

Joint Care Trust

Orthopaedics Changes Lives

The Joint Care Trust was established in 2012. The trust is actively involved in providing joint replacement surgery at no cost to patients of limited means. This is achieved through charitable donations from implant companies, as well as corporates, such as Polyoak Packaging and Mediclinic. Dr Engela and Dr Martin perform around 50 cases a year pro Deo. Orthopaedic registrars from Groote Schuur Hospital assist with these cases, which provides them with arthroplasty exposure and training. You can read about the trust’s achievements here.

If you wish to make a booking for someone to be investigated further for hip- or knee arthritis (a prerequisite for waiting list placement), please contact Victoria Hospital on +2721 799 1111.

If the patient is on a medical aid or if they wish to see Dr Martin or Dr Engela for an assessment, please contact the rooms on 021 7970947 (consultation and investigation costs will apply).

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