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Hip Stress Fractures

By 2 May 2013February 20th, 2024No Comments

Hip stress fractures ( fractures in the Pelvic and femoral areas) may occur secondary to relative bone weakness when bones are acutely placed under an excessive amount of stress such as when patients suddenly begin long-distance running or heavy gym workouts. The most common location for pelvic stress fractures is the junction of the ischium and the inferior pubic ramus. These patients often complain of inability to participate in sport and an inability to stand on the affected leg.

Femoral stress fractures most commonly occur in the neck of femur and result in activity related groin pain. Contrary to patients with pelvic fractures, hip fracture patients may exhibit limited range of motion on testing. Management involves surgical stabilisation of femoral neck fractures, avoidance of precipitating causes and endocrinological investigation with potential bisphosphonate management of osteoporosis as well as management of any primary causes.

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