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The Cape Joint Surgery surgeons are both super-specialist fellowship trained hip surgeons with extensive experience in the diagnosis of hip arthritis, other adult hip problems as well as hip problems in children. We perform both elective- as well as injury-related hip surgery. The practice performs total hip replacement procedures in private as well as in the state sector via our Joint Care Trust initiative. This places the Cape Joint Surgery in a unique position, which enables us to effectively manage all comers with hip arthritis.

Areas of specialist interest:

Total hip replacement

Total hip replacement revision

Hip arthritis

Avascular necrosis of the hip

Hip resurfacing (articular surface replacement – ASR)

Femero-acetabular impingement and labral injuries

Hip arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)

Hip septic arthritis

Dysplastic dislocation of the hip

Perthes / Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

Slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE)

Hip trauma in adults and children

Acetabular fractures

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