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Both surgeons at the Cape Joint Surgery maintain a keen interest in hand surgery, a sub-speciality in orthopedics which overlaps with plastic surgery to some extent and requires meticulous technique and soft-tissue management. Dr Engela was involved with the Groote Schuur Hospital hand clinic for many years and was the driving force behind the establishment of the infrastructure of ancillary services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy) which are essential for an orthopedic hand clinic such as the one at Constantiaberg Mediclinic to function well in order to produce consistently excellent results.

Areas of specialist interest:

Hand Trauma in Adults

Hand Trauma in Children

Scaphoid Fractures

Finger Dislocation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (median nerve entrapment)


Trigger Finger / Trigger Thumb

De Quervain’s Tenovaginitis

Dupuytrens Contracture

Tennis Elbow

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (ulna nerve entrapment)

Golfer’s Elbow

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