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Chronic Pain

By 7 May 2012March 18th, 2024No Comments

Long-standing, unabating or worsening chronic pain in the joints or parts of the arms or legs may be extremely disabling and is often, but not always due to worn-out or inflamed cartilage in the joints, which is better known as arthritis. Because other orthopaedic problems, such as for example nerve entrapment syndromes or fractures through weakened bone may present in a similar way, and orthopaedic examination is essential in order to make a diagnosis. Associated with this, we often require imaging investigations such as x-raysultrasound scansCAT scans or MRI scans. In our experience, these investigations are best ordered after an examination, because this results in a significantly better injury pick-up rate.

Other problems which commonly result in patients seeking help are deformities of the arms or legs as well as progressive joint stiffness. Again, although these problems are often associated with joint arthritis, they may be due to various other rarer causes. Treatment of a presumptive diagnosis of arthritis with over-the-counter medication may result in inadvertent progression of the real disease process, necessitating more aggressive intervention once the diagnosis is made.

Contrary to popular belief, medical treatment without any surgery is often the mainstay of hip arthritis and knee arthritis management for many years.

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