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Dr Engela and Dr Martin are hip- and knee reconstruction specialists. They perform surgery for hip- and knee arthritis and fractures and they specialise in the treatment of failed hip- and knee replacements (revision surgery). Both surgeons provide a hand surgery service for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, trigger finger and arthritis. Full orthopaedic trauma cover is provided via the practice for any fractures or dislocations.

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hip replacement for arthritis

Hip Arthritis

Treatment is initially conservative in almost all cases. Hip replacement operations are one of the most successful procedures in modern surgery and provide pain relief and improved function.

knee replacement for arthritis

Knee Arthritis

Treatment is initially conservative and patients may benefit from day-case arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery. Knee replacment operations are highly successful for pain relief, re-alignment and functional improvement.

knee ligament meniscus injury

Sports Injuries

Injuries of menisci, ligaments and tendons are common sports injuries and require early investigation and treatment. If required, surgery can often be carried out arthroscopically (keyhole surgery). Non-surgical treatment is often nuanced and highly intensive with respect to physiotherapy management and staged rehabilitation.

BEST hip replacement Cape

Hip Replacement

The diseased joint surfaces of the hip joint are replaced with synthetic low-friction implants. The operation is highly successful and recovery is usually rapid.

BEST knee replacement Cape Town

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a technically demanding procedure. If done correctly, patients show marked pain relief, functional improvement and resolution of stiffness.Our rapid rehabilitation programme shows significantly faster return to normal activity.


Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction

Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery of the knee allows meniscal repair and ligament reconstruction to be done as day cases and we have been able to show excellent return to sport at pre-injury equivalent levels.

BEST hip replacement revision Cape

Hip Replacement Revision

Hip replacements fail as a result of dislocation, fracture around the implants and infection. Loosening as a result of wear particles is now very uncommon. Revision surgery is complicated and should be carried out by specialists in the field. These cases are often done by both specialists together and we have become a referral centre for patients from South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries.

BEST knee replacement revision Cape

Knee Replacement Revision

Knee replacements fail due to fractures around the implants, kneecap dislocations and infection. Revision surgery involves advanced decision-making and planning and technical knowledge of the revision implants is necessary. These cases should be performed by specialists in the field. We are a referral centre for South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Hand Surgery

This nuanced field of orthopaedics involves delicate surgery and intensive, co-ordinated rehabilitation. This is impossible without a dedicated hand clinic. Dr Engela founded the Constantiaberg Hand Clinic for this reason. Here, hand specialist orthopaedic surgeons work 'hand in hand' with physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

emergency hip fracture surgery

Hip Fractures

Broken hips are not always a straightforward diagnosis and may require advanced imaging. If they are picked up early, treatment with screw fixation is possible. Displaced fractures may require more advanced fixation or a hip replacement procedure. Complications are more common in trauma patients and these cases should be performed by specialists in the field. A co-ordinated care system involving specialist physicians and our arthroplasty co-ordinator, who manages discharge planning and aftercare, ensures the best outcomes.

emergency knee fracture surgery

Knee Fractures

These fractures vary in severity and their treatment is nuanced, based on the associated injuries, the age of the patient and the pre-injury state of the joint, as well as the fracture type. Surgical treatment is often required and early movement of the knee , as well as early patient mobilisation must be achieved in order to optimise the functional results.

Knee fracture 3D image

hand and wrist injury

Hand and Wrist Fractures

Hand and wrist stiffness is a disaster and should be avoided at all costs. This is unfortunately a common complication of poorly managed hand fractures and dislocations. The best treatment for these injuries starts with assessment of even the most innocuous hand injuries by a specialist in the field. A dedicated hand unit, such as the Constantiaberg Hand Clinic is required for optimal rehabilitation.