Expert Joint Care by Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeons

Expert joint care

The team of specialists at Cape Joint Surgery are happy to consult with you. We pride ourselves in creating bespoke solutions for your orthopaedic problems, based on the understanding that no two patient’s needs are the same.

Practice Areas

Our team of orthopaedic specialist hip and knee surgeons are available to assist you. We consult in Constantia, Simon’s Town and Rondebosch.

Arthritis Treatment

Treatment of this multifaceted disease is individualised and is non-surgical in 77% of our patients. Alternative therapies are encouraged. We aim to provide our patients with pain-free activity throughout their lives.

Hip, Knee Replacements

When non-surgical treatment of arthritis is no longer effective, surgical joint replacement provides a solution. These procedures have a 95% success rate, resulting in the resolution of pain, stiffness and providing immediate mobility and a return to function.

Ligament Reconstruction

Keyhole knee surgery is needed in cases where a meniscus or a ligament is torn. Menisci can be repaired and ligaments are reconstructed if required. In these sports injury cases, a dynamic team is required for best-practice rehabilitation back to fitness. Incorrect treatment can result in rapid onset arthritis and a poor functional outcome.

Hand Surgery

Hand problems can have disasterous consequences if not treated early and correctly. Functional loss, stiffness, pain are all complications that can be avoided with expert treatment. The practice offers a wealth of experience, as well as a dynamic rehabilitation team from the Cape Hand Clinic.

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Meet the Team

We are dedicated to helping you improve your life.

Dr Deon Engela

Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon

Deon has a wealth of experience, derived from years of international surgical and scientific colaboration. He founded the Constantiaberg Hand Clinic, the Joint Care Trust  and the Cape Joint Surgery with a view to providing excellent care to all patients.

Dr Nick Martin

Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon

Nick joined Deon in practice in 2008. Likewise, he is a fellowship-trained hip- and knee reconstruction and arthroplasty specialist. He shares the practice philosophy of excellence in patient care and proactive corporate social responsibility through the Joint Care Trust

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Theresa, Collette, Candace

Practice Managers

These ladies are the backbone and the beating heart of the practice. They welcome any enquiries and endeavour to always go the extra mile for all patients. They are experts at dealing with all the unexpected issues – this makes our patient experience pleasant and seamless.

Sister Grace

Joint Replacement Co-ordinator

Grace manages our patients on their surgical journey and she sorts out all the issues which would otherwise be a distraction to what should be the patient’s only concern – recovery from surgery. She always makes time for her patients and no problem is too big or too small.

Cape Joint Surgery

Patients Primus

At Cape Joint Surgery, we undertake to recognise each patient’s individual needs and to plan treatment accordingly.

Why Choose Us?

Bespoke patient-centered consultation and treatment

Experienced Specialists

Dr Engela and Dr Martin are both fellowship-trained specialist hip and knee surgeons and joint reconstruction specialists. They have over 50 years surgical experience between them and the practice has an excellent track record for both non-surgical and surgical treatment.

Meticulous Treatment Planning

Regular case discussions and radiology meetings ensure that surgery is only considered when appropriate conservative treatment has proved unsuccessful and that such surgery is exactingly planned.

Individualised Patient Care

Every patient is unique, as is their specific problem. Everyone responds differently to conservative treatment. We avoid surgery when possible and support the patient's right to control their treatment.

What Our Patients Say

With a remarkable satisfaction index, we take pride in our excellent outcomes – and our patients agree.

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is hip knee replacement necessary JointSure

Unsure About Your Upcoming Joint Replacement?

If you have been told that you need a hip- or knee replacement and you have questions about the surgery or about the costs involved, you may find JointSure's services useful. There is no cost involved - this is a service provided by Cape Joint Surgery to optimise patient care and to make joint replacement procedures affordable to all patients. All responses are reviewed by a specialist hip and knee surgeon.

orthopaedics changing lives

The Joint Care Trust was established in 2012. The trust is actively involved in providing joint replacement surgery at no cost to patients of limited means. This is achieved through charitable donations from implant companies, as well as corporates, such as Polyoak packaging and Mediclinic. Dr Engela and Dr Martin perform around 50 cases a year pro Deo. Orthopaedic registrars from Groote Schuur Hospital  assist with these cases, which provides them with arthroplasty exposure and training.